July 8, 2014

Light Travel Packing List (Edited and Updated)

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My goal is to always travel light. Last weekend was just an overnighter however I was bringing a lot of things because we had 2 yoga sessions and there was no time to launder any clothes. The upcoming weekend does not have any yoga so here is my packing list for light travelling.

–       Black pants (updated: this was changed to blue jeans with belt)
–       Blue Basic House shirt
–       Green Basic House shirt
–       Penshoppe button up (updated: I brought this in case and did not use it)
–       Shorts (for sleeping)
–       Island Souvenirs shirt (for sleeping)
–       Bra (updated: I also brought a sports bra which I did not use)
–       Socks (updated: I had on foot socks while travelling and never used this)
–       Face towel
–       3 underwear
–        Hush Puppies mary janes

–       Sunflower Oil
–       Toothbrush and Toothpaste
–       Deodorant
–       Sunblock
–       Lipbalm
–       Pressed Powder
–       Eye Drops

–       Cellphone
–       iPad Mini
–       Sunglasses
–       Debit Card, Credit Card, 3 IDs, insurance Card
–       Coin purse with keys
–       Ballpen and scrap papers
–       Tissue and wet tissues
–       2 pcs Hair Ties
–       Plastic Bags for dirty clothes, etc.
–       Bottle of Water
–       Nike Backpack
–       Travel itinerary

I need to bring an umbrella but it is not allowed as handcarry so I will have to skip that.


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