July 24, 2014

Flexibility and Backbends at Dragonfly Yoga Studio

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In yoga I shy away from poses that test one’s flexibility and ever since I hurt my back I have been forgoing intense backbends like wheel pose. However the poses that we avoid are usually the ones that we need the most so with trepidation I joined Phil’s (Pole Dancing Instructor at Gold’s Gym) class at Dragonfly for flexibility and backbends.

The warm ups were intense and just an inch away from real pain. But as I became more loose, I was eager to try anything though I sat out the advance poses and the drop back. Surprisingly after the class I did not feel any pain (though it came back when I was at the office sitting for long periods of time). I felt good and everyone agreed to have Phil again next week to see if there is any improvement in our practice.

Some (Jeanne, Jaya, Anne, Kai, Phil, Gabbie, Kai, Nathan and me) of us went to Miller Hospital for a cheap vegetarian lunch with cold, creamy soyamilk. Thanks to Anne for the treat! Photo from Anne Dala’s Facebook page.

dragonfly yoga studio


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