August 4, 2014

Karma Yoga at Paseo Arcenas, Banawa

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When my schedule allows me, I try to go out of my way to visit new yoga studios. Studio 108 at Paseo Arcenas, Banawa will be opening soon. It will not just be a yoga studio but also a detox bar and a spa. I don’t know when it will actually open since there is a ton of work to be done but for the moment to spread the word, karma yoga is offered at Paseo Arcenas every Sunday from 7-8AM. This is a donation based class, all proceeds will go to charity. 

Since Banawa is 4 rides away from home, I woke up at 4AM with plenty of time for breakfast, pharmacy stop and a toilet emergency. I arrived at Paseo Arcenas by 6:20AM. I was the first one there. The area is a nice place where people frequent to jog, walk or move around. There were 15 people who joined the karma yoga and a good amount of money was raised.

As usual the divine family met up for lunch at Jeanne’s place. In the afternoon we headed up to Busay but stopped by Dolce first, I had moist chocolate cake dunked in black coffee. Then we had buko, jackfruit, peanuts and bananas in one of the fruit/vegetable stands in Busay when it started to rain and got colder. More eating ensued with pizza at La Tegola Busay and ice cream back at Dragonfly Studio. It was almost 10PM when I arrived home with a very full stomach.


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