August 13, 2014

Therapeutic Yoga at Dragonfly Yoga Studio

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I joined a therapeutic yoga class with Arlien at Dragonfly Yoga Studio this morning. We went through sun salutations really, really slow which I liked. It gives you time to get into a pose before moving to the next one. Also you feel your body more and gives you a chance to go deeper especially on bends. I wish I didn’t have to leave immediately after the class and head to work. I don’t think I enjoyed any benefits from the class because I have been mostly sitting for hours.

I am always in a lookout for yin yoga classes, Arlien has a Vinyasa Inspired Yin Yoga at Surya Nanda while Pascale and Jason have Deep Stretch classes at YogaHub. I wish more studios offer these type of classes, sometimes our bodies crave for something slower, a chance to recover, an opportunity to be mindful. 

Arlien will be offering therapeutic yoga at Studio 108 (opening soon) in Banawa. I think her classes would cater more for those who have chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc. I only have back issues (sometimes) so I am wondering if she will be doing a non-specific yin yoga class.


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