August 29, 2014

Yoga Thoughts For August 2014

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Now that 2 yoga studios (Yoga Shala Mactan and Yoga Tree Mactan Studio) are opening up in Mactan in the next couple of months, I am more determined to use up my remaining visits at Gold’s Gym. By my computation I have 80 visits left so this means I need to visit the gym 4x a week. Also, I am tired of hauling my yoga mat, towels and change of clothes everywhere I go. 

Alex subbed for Joy last Monday (it was a holiday) and I miss his type of classes wherein there are no crazy poses yet I sweat like crazy. Also I don’t have to think too much and wonder where it all leads up. You are there just to work your body. I just need to go back to the routine of waking up at 5AM so I can attend the 7AM yoga sessions. I always prepare my things the night before but the moment the alarm turns on, I just want to put in snooze and go back to bed. I need to change that!

Besides attending yoga classes at the gym, I usually join donation based classes wherein the proceeds go to a specific charity. For the past few Sundays, I have been attending karma yoga at Paseo Arcenas, Banawa. The money raised will be pooled and used to benefit people in need. I prefer that the money I use to pay for yoga is goes to charity instead of going to the studio owner(s).

I am also getting interested to try other yoga teachers. I have been enjoying Carlo’s classes when he subbed for Jaya on Thursdays. He has a different approach, challenging yet doable. I need a mix of different types to make my practice more rounded.


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