September 2, 2014

Fly Yoga at Flying Yoga J (Banilad, Cebu City)

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After seeing pictures and hearing about it for several weeks, I finally was able to try fly yoga at Flying Yoga J in Banilad. At P1.5K for 3 sessions, it is more expensive than the usual yoga. You can’t just join a karma yoga class or watch videos in youtube. You need to be in the studio to try it. The cloth used as hammock is made of special material so it can withstand heavy weights and constant friction. So far Flying Yoga J is the only studio in Cebu that offers flying/aerial yoga.

Although we arrived 20 minutes earlier than the 3:40pm class, they already started since some students were already there since 3pm, slots per class are limited. You need to be there early so that they can adjust the hammock according to your height and safety instructions can be given. The place is quite small so there is a chance you can hit the person beside you if you can’t control the sway of the hammock or if you are not mindful with your movements.

When we came in, Joung (the teacher) was already showing everyone how to get out of the hammock by flipping backwards. That was pretty scary but I was able to let go of my fear and did it quickly. As the class progressed, I realized that the hammock was too high for me and the cloth would dig in uncomfortably on some parts of my body. I wished I was right behind Joung because I was quite far from her and I got confused whether to look at her in the mirror or at the side. I got bewildered with the tree pose because I can’t get one of my hands outside the hammock. Same also when we did the standing leg twist, the cloth kept distracting me so I kept losing my balance even if the hammock was supposed to support me. But I did enjoy the inversion with butterfly legs and the hands relaxed on the floor. I stayed upside down longer than the others yet I did not feel nauseous. Even though the aircon was on, I was sweaty and needed my towel. During the savasana, I was mostly aware of the sway of the hammock even if I was not moving. Despite my struggles I enjoyed the class and found it doable though I think it would be best that you have already done yoga before you do fly/aerial yoga.

Next class is this Saturday. Will I do better this time? I don’t know. Will there be other poses to explore? For sure, I will be there an hour early to make sure the hammock is correct! I hope they would reduce their prices since although they are offering P500 (discount) for certain class schedules, it is still too expensive for long term.


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