September 10, 2014

The Morning Routine

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I used to have a morning ‘routine’ that ended in May. I found myself alone with nothing to do and not much to look forward to. I tried to go back to what I used to do before the ‘routine’ but I ended up being lazy and wanting to just sleep in.

I don’t know which conversation it was that led me and Clarice to join Nathan in his early morning photo shoots. I don’t really contribute to the shoot. I am mainly there for the cold, fresh air. However we do enjoy the twinkling lights of the city, the last lights of the disappearing moon and stars, the gradual lightening up of the sky and eventually greet the sun as it descends across Cebu. There are also times where we found ourselves enveloped with fog of very limited visibility.

Most of the time when we head down to the city, we go to Paseo Arcenas for charity yoga and hanging out with the rest of the divine family. Yesterday was Tuesday and a holiday, so the only agenda we had was breakfast at Bo’s Coffee. Lively and revealing talk peppered our omelettes, buko water and blueberry cheesecake. Despite the 2AM wakeup so that we could meet up at 3AM at J Centre, I would willingly put up with it just so I can enjoy nature, hang out with people that I care about and wallow in hot, brewed coffee!

Photo without permission from Nathan Archival (aka Handsome Guy)!



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