October 13, 2014

My First Vinyasa Class at Studio 108

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Sometime this year I started to teach free yoga classes at work. The first class was a bit stressful for me. Did I have the right sequence? Can I use one song in constant loop? Most importantly, would they enjoy it? After a few classes on my belt, I have learned to relax. If they don’t like my class or they feel that they are not challenged, they have the option to go to a studio especially now that yoga in Mactan is starting to grow. Even if it is a free class, I always prepare a sequence a couple of days before the class, I try to vary with each class and hope that the students are constantly challenged. Also I no longer use any music because it is too much of an effort to find the right mood music. 

The week before Jeanne asked me to teach the charity yoga class at Studio 108. I immediately said yes although I was apprehensive at the same time. There would be students of different ages (including kids and the elderly), injuries and levels. How can I cater all of them? Then last Friday, Jeanne asked me to sub her 12:15pm vinyasa class at Studio 108 on Saturday. Since it was a birthday request, I said yes despite being worried. I made another sequence in the afternoon. The next day, I was at Studio 108 by 10:30AM, plenty of time to have an early lunch and relax. By 12 noon I was expecting that the class would not happen but a student suddenly arrived at 12:10pm! Halfway through the class I realized the sequence I made was too short so I had to improvise and add in some poses. She was sweating and I was sweating, most likely because the studio doesn’t have good ventilation.

I would like to thank Sharon for sharing her energy with me on that day. She was a wonderful student, flexible and strong at the same time. I would like to thank Jeanne for believing in me and giving me the opportunity. I hope that I would have more chances to handle a larger and varied class. I would like to thank Anne for welcoming me to her studio not just a friend and a member of the divine family but also as a teacher.


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