October 20, 2014

Bella’s Bites Soups and Salads (Review)

Filed under: Food — rvchua @ 4:24 am

I heard about Bella’s Bites Soups and Salads in Marina Mall from a fellow yogi. Before the sunset yoga last Saturday, I searched for the place and was pleased to find a well-lighted, cozy place amidst the fake DVD/bags/shoes stalls. So I suggested this for last night’s dinner with Nathan and Clarice.

We ordered Seven Cs soup and penne alla amatriciana which we shared amongst the three of us. The soup, made of celery, chicken and five other forgettable Cs, wasn’t hot. I ordered the soup because it was recommended by the waiter but I found it underwhelming. As for the penne, it was severely lacking in tomato sauce and I couldn’t find the cured pork that is one of the main ingredients of the amatriciana. 

We paid P495 for the soup, pasta and three calamansi juice (wherein one had honey although it was explicitly requested not to have any). The prices were not very expensive but the portions were small. The only good points during that dinner was the ambience and the attentive waiter.

Should I write off the place? I think it deserves another chance since I haven’t tried their coffee and selection of cakes. However I think I would get a better café latte at Starbucks in the next building.


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