October 21, 2014

The Legend of Korra: Book 2, Book 3 and Book 4

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New_York_Comic_Con_2014_-_Legend_of_Korra_posterWhen the freedom of the weekend came, I started watching Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. Surprisingly I whizzed through Book 2 (Spirits), Book 3 (Change) and now I am at episode 3 of Book 4 (Balance). I don’t like watching tv series that are too long and have too many episodes. With Legend of Korra, each episode is around 22 minutes long and there are 13 episodes max per season. Also the stories are fast paced and interesting.

Although Korra is the main character and her rash personality can be irritating at certain times but there are plenty of characters to distract you. Most of the original characters in The Last Airbender make an appearance not just in flashbacks. Katara appears in Book 1 (Air), Zuko in Book 3 and the most awaited is Toph who gives tough love to the Korra in Book 4. Then we have their children and families, all with different personalities and capabilities. I wonder what happened to Sokka?

It was while reading the wiki that I realized certain actors have lent their voices such as J.K. Simmons (Tenzin), Lance Henriksen (The Lieutenant), Daniel Dae Kim (Hiroshi Sato), Aubrey Plaza (Eska), Lisa Edelstein (Kya), Bruce Davidson (Zuko), Anne Heche (Suyin Beifong) and Zelda Williams (Kuvira).

I think the best character in the entire series has got to be Oogi! He is awesome actually all flying bison are fabulous. The calves are adorable too, particularly Blueberry Spicehead, Princess Rainbow, Twinkle Starchild, and Juniper Lightning Bug.

Book 4 is the last book of the series and only has 10 episodes left!


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