November 4, 2014

Back at YogaHub

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1017487_474553219295505_235864654_nYes, I am back at YogaHub. I had my first class yesterday with Hannah who subbed for Pascale’s Vinyasa class. I know that I have mentioned a few times that I want to focus on my Gold’s Gym membership until it expires by mid-February 2015 but my plans changed last Saturday. I think it is a perfect way to shake up my practice since it has gone stale somehow. I have no desire to learn crazy inversions or arm balances, I just needed a change, a new perspective!

Going back to YogaHub presents a lot of challenges and opportunities that I have listed down:


  • Variety of teachers and classes including deep stretch!
  • I don’t have to wait until 7:30PM for a yoga class.
  • Yoga every single day (except major holidays when they are closed). I can even take two classes in one day if I want to.
  • No need to bring bulky workout shoes.


  • Adjusting my work schedule so I can join specific classes.
  • An additional jeepney ride. It doesn’t help that A.S. Fortuna St. is still under repair after all these months.
  • At J Centre Mall, the Country Mall jeepneys have to fill up before they leave. A 10-minute ride sometimes stretches out to a 30-minute commute.
  • I need to always bring my mat. However there are mats for rent but that is an additional expense.
  • I don’t like the toilets at BTC so I need to bring tissue paper and alcohol (or wet wipes)..
  • No drinking fountains so I have to bring my own water.
  • I need extra shirts and sports bra.

There are a lot of adjustments to be made but I am excited. Being a burr in the Lululemon crowd or among advanced yogis will not deter me!


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