November 11, 2014

Sweating, Adjustments and Questions in Yoga

Filed under: Yoga — rvchua @ 4:48 am

When I practice yoga, I sweat, a lot. Most of the dripping perspiration falls nonstop from my face which then accumulates in front of my mat. I sweat everywhere and my cotton shirt instantly becomes sopping wet. When I lie down the sweat transfers to my mat so that when I go back to a standing pose, my feet can’t find any traction on my mat. I can blame a lot of things; the weather, the sunblock on my face or the lack of ventilation. However the bottom line remains the same, I sweat more than normal people. Last night, I was a leaky faucet and I perspired more than guys in the class!

Much as I want to have a new mat (Lululemon maybe?), I don’t think there is any available mat that can withstand the amount of perspiration I excrete. So the only option remains is to use a yoga towel. I used to have two but I gave one away, I wonder I can take it back. Is there anything else I can do? Will the puddle scare the people beside me? I am terrified to ask.

Every time I encounter a new yoga teacher, they always love to adjust me. When the teacher adjusts my chest in trikonasana, why is he/she not adjusting the newbie whose chest has collapsed in trying to reach his/her toes? These kind of things makes me wonder what I still need to improve. The only time I really like adjustments is when the teacher tries to help deepen the pose like in paschimottanasa wherein I tend to hunch over instead of lengthening the spine. I wish there was one teacher who can say what I need to do to strengthen my left hips, be able to do advance poses while considering my limitations (is that possible?) or a long term suggestion for my overall practice. So far, I have tried reading yoga books and online articles. Every bit of information helps but maybe it is now time to have a guru.


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