November 25, 2014

Learning Taichi

Filed under: Health, Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center — rvchua @ 3:17 am

1507211_394191940733092_4300954909215459165_nI had my first introduction to Taichi early this year and was immediately hooked. Then finally last Saturday I had my first real Taichi Class at Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center. With only 3 students, there was more opportunities for Benny (the teacher) to adjust our alignment and form. In yoga, sometimes you need to tighten parts of your body but in Taichi, the body needs to be relaxed including the wrists. Since the movements are very slow, I am more aware of each inhale and exhale.

With just one class, I still have a lot to learn from how to move and how to be fluid. I am planning to regularly attend Taichi but I am worried that I may have too much on my plate by January next year.

Taichi classes at Studio 108 are Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30-8:30AM and Saturdays 5:15-6:15PM.

The photo on the left shows a sneak peak during Benny’s class (not the one I joined). Photo from Studio 108 Facebook Page.


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