November 27, 2014


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I thought that for the whole month of November, I would be doing yoga every day. I was doing swimmingly for more than 2 weeks when suddenly last Wednesday the class was cancelled since the teacher did not arrive. Then the next 2 days I had to skip yoga since I had whole day trainings which left me exhausted and I still had to do overtime to catch up on the work I missed while I wasn’t on my desk. Also, it was the Lapu Lapu City fiesta so traffic was horrible.

On Saturday morning I had a short yoga class since the original teacher did not arrive and someone had to hurriedly come over to sub. In the afternoon, I enjoyed the Deep Stretch class but then had to go to Studio 108 for taichi. It was already 11PM when I arrived home but then was back at the studio early the next day for charity yoga. Then I got dragged to join Contemporary Dance where everyone was dripping in sweat just a few minutes in. We managed to escape and had lunch at Café Saree at Rustan’s Ayala (not impressed) and coffee at Krispy Kreme. It was late afternoon before I finally was back home.

Monday at work was hectic. I couldn’t leave early to catch the 5:30PM vinyasa class at YogaHub. Besides I had a headache and I wanted to recover from the weekend so I headed home early. The next two days I felt strong during yoga class but now I need a break. I am suffering from menstrual cramps and the rainy weather (Typhoon Queenie) makes me want to huddle in a ball. I have taken a day off tomorrow but I will be attending hopefully 2 yoga classes and perhaps squeeze in a nap!

In a few weeks, it would be Christmas vacation but my schedule is not letting up. I think it is time to let go of commitments and obligations.


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