December 1, 2014

A Lesson In Teaching A Yoga Class

Filed under: Yoga — rvchua @ 4:02 am

Once in a while I intentionally join classes led by new teachers. I try to have sympathy for them knowing that they are nervous, they sometimes forget their sequence and they can talk too much. But when the teacher asks the class if anyone has injuries and tells everyone it will be a beginner’s class but then proceeds to go ahead with her original sequence, I tend to lose my patience. It became worse when she did not offer a more accessible extended side angle. I am glad I did the easy version because the next poses were taxing. I was fine that she introduced crow but when she demonstrated crow to tripod headstand, I hope she didn’t scare the newbies. I wished she focused more on the students and less acrobatic demonstration. I wished there was less talking so that there would have been more flow with the poses. I have noticed that new teachers tend to make complicated sequences to be done on one side before doing the whole thing on the left side. It can be tiring on the standing leg and knees. Sometimes it is so complicated that they skip a pose when doing it on the left side. 

Would I join her class again? Maybe I will because I know what to expect. Most important of all, I learned something that I hopefully in my own classes. Be prepared, use simple poses and modify if needed.


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