December 1, 2014

Little Blue Boy

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When you hang out with vegetarians, you get to know which restaurants offer vegetarian options or which restaurants are strictly vegetarian. I have found out that vegetarian options in a menu are often expensive and places that are supposedly healthy can be deadly to the pockets if you eat there every day. Also some vegetarian places try to make up for the taste by making food too sweet or salty. So are there cheap vegetarian restaurants in Cebu? It seems that these places are mostly concentrated in Urgello. There are Healthy U and Shiv Dal Roti Corner, both near Southwestern University. So far I have only eaten at Healthy U and I liked the ‘meatballs’ they served at an Ananda Marga event. Both places are quite small and have no parking area, a carenderia is an apt description for them.

A little further away near USC South Campus is Little Blue Boy which is bigger, cleaner and has a parking space. The food is better and the service is attentive yet the prices are not expensive, it is still a carenderia though. It is a completely vegetarian place and they have eggless leche flan which I did not try. I did eat the haleyang ube which was almost good as the ones I ate when I was a child. I wonder what they put instead of butter and condensed milk. It is a place worth checking again though they are closed on Sundays. 

Why are there no places like these in Mactan? I think it is time that people learn that being vegetarian needs not to be boring and expensive.



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