December 15, 2014

Savasana and Adjustments in Yoga

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Im-Just-Here-Savasana-BottleA couple of Saturdays ago, amidst the tumultuous weather courtesy of Typhoon Hagupit. I attended an Ashtanga class in the morning and a deep stretch class in the afternoon. I haven’t done any Ashtanga class for a long time so I was apprehensive. Maybe because the weather wasn’t hot, I wasn’t sweating as much as normal. It felt wonderful to do Ashtanga again and I am hoping to have it back in my regular practice. 

In savasana I never fall asleep although I have heard other people snore the moment they relax in their mat. On that particular Saturday, it was probably the combination of the gloomy weather, the exertion during Ashtanga and the relaxing sequences of deep stretch that made me fall asleep in savasana for the first time! We were still doing the reclined butterfly when I started to float. When the teacher told us to relax starting from our head, I couldn’t remember when I fell asleep because I suddenly found myself waking up with the others in the class. We took a few extra minutes before finally rolling our mats away. I tried to fall asleep again in last Saturday’s deep stretch class but it was just beyond my reach. 

There are people who don’t like to be adjusted during a yoga class. If the teacher is new, I sometimes feel uncomfortable when he/she is heavy handed. But then if you have been with a teacher for a long time and they make regular adjustments, just a little nudge and your body already knows what to do. One of the advantages of having a regular teacher is that they notice your progress or your discomfort a whole lot better.


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