December 29, 2014

Yoga and The Holidays

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Since I wasn’t going during the Christmas holidays, I had a grand plan to maximize my schedule at Gold’s and YogaHub. Like all best laid plans, this got derailed early. During Saturdays, I usually take an intense class in the morning then deep stretch in the afternoon. The first Saturday, I skipped the deep stretch class and took a nap at home. In the second Saturday, I got my period and so I had to skip the deep stretch class again. Fortunately I have been making up for it during Monday afternoons. Last Wednesday, I planned to take an early morning class at YogaHub before going to the airport to pickup my parents but I decided to sleep in. Yesterday my period was too heavy so it was uncomfortable to do any yoga.

So today I was determined to go back to my original plans. Unfortunately I ignored the Facebook posts of Typhoon Seniang with Signal#1 for Cebu. I plowed on with my plans of yoga at Gold’s and lunch at Mr. India. Since I had time to kill before the 4:15PM deep stretch, I went to Ayala and used my gift certificates for underwear and a pair of shorts. I got a text from Jeanne in the afternoon that there will be a special 7am Ashtanga class at Studio 108. When I arrived at BTC, the weather got worse. I hurried home so that I can get my laundry but got caught in traffic and then found the electricity cutoff in our entire street. The lights went back on but I don’t have anything dry to wear for tomorrow but I did buy another Islands Souvenir tshirt for P199.75. It is still raining very hard, I don’t know if I can make the 7am Ashtanga class or I will have to make other plans.


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