January 16, 2015

Decluttering in the Workplace

Filed under: Minimalism / Simplicity — rvchua @ 6:34 am

Together with my department colleagues we decluttered the small cubicle near us. It used to be empty with just a few boxes for samples, wires & connectors. However with the decorating frenzy during Christmas, it has become a dumping ground. We threw away a lot of things. I also went through old R2D2’s that were never cleared out by the former owners. I came across P29.75, someone’s ITR (we calculated his salary), an old cellphone charm which I have attached to my backpack, etc. I thumbed through old printouts and managed to scrounge almost 2 reams of scrap paper, one side still usable for printing. I collected the old paperclips, binder clips, paper bags and bubble packs that I can use in the future. 

Would it be possible to propose to have 1 central location per department for supplies? Anyone can borrow infrequently used tools like staplers, scissors, cutters, etc. Or they can get reusable folders/envelopes/papers/binders/packing material instead of throwing it away. When someone leaves the company, usable supplies can be returned there. This way costs can go down and valuable R2D2 space can be saved.


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