January 19, 2015

Kino MacGregor in Instagram

Filed under: Yoga — rvchua @ 12:37 pm

I just had to share this post from Kino MacGregor’s Insagram:

Cultivate the equanimous mind. Start by cleaning out your own thoughts. If you notice yourself thinking self directed negative thoughts stop that train right away, drop your mind to a quiet place and slowly shift your thoughts to ones that affirm your life (or at the very least are neutral). Find one thing that you appreciate about yourself and hold your mind there. Saucha, purity, is a yogic principle that includes your thoughts and speech. Never ever curse yourself aloud or in your mind or you will perpetuate a negativity that does not serve your greatness. Recognize honestly your mistakes and offer them up for learning, humility and forgiveness, but be clear to not take it into a cycle of self-directed aggression. Each time you speak harsh words, especially towards yourself, you open yourself up to a downward spiral that serves no one. Instead be strong enough to master of your thoughts and your speech and manifest the goodness that you already are in your highest truth. #bestrong#onebreathatatime


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