February 20, 2015

Master Class with Shanti Devi at Studio 108

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I thought that since I managed to leave the office at exactly as I had planned that everything would go smoothly. However I got caught in traffic everywhere, the worst was getting stuck for 20 minutes where the jeepney turned from Ayala into the first part of Escario. Instead of the normal 1.5 hours from Lapu Lapu to Studio 108, it became a horrible and excruciating 2.5 hours. The other bad part was that all the jeepneys were packed to the gills that made sitting uncomfortable and stressful for my back.

I arrived 5 minutes before the Shanti Devi Master Class was supposed to start. I was ready to just leave behind my empty bottles and head home. However seeing all the other people there made me change my mind. Prior to hearing about the workshop, I already stumbled into Shanti Devi’s website but I don’t remember what led me there. This was my first Master Class and it did not offer any details what the focus would be about though I had scanned Shanti Devi’s background. I was surprised to learn that Shanti Devi is Cebuano and has been practicing for 20 years. I really enjoyed the first part where she shared some words from Paul Grilley (it came from the his book that I read last month), learning a mudra (I forgot what it was called) and chanting the Gayatri Mantra. The second part was the asanas. I did my best but I found it too difficult and too advanced, there were too many arm balances and not enough time to learn each pose. I was already tired from my long trip to the studio and I was sweating profusely. Being in front of the class was too much pressure. After the class, I rolled up my mat and changed my shirt and left the studio as soon as I can. I declined the offer to join the others observe Chinese New Year at Chu Un Temple.

It was late when I arrived home, I had to stop by at the office to check on my chia fresca. I still had laundry to do and I needed to wake up early for hot yoga the next day. It was a tiring day and I was feeling cranky.

As for the Master Class, it had some interesting sequences and tricky transitions. I wished I was in a better form that day. I wished I had my mat towel because there was a point I was slipping on my mat. I wished I wasn’t rushed that day. Things could have been better though I learned something but it was good to move on.



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