February 27, 2015

Injury Again

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What is it with February that I always get injured in yoga? Last year I hurt my back. Last Sunday during the second half of a vinyasa class, my right wrist suddenly was in pain. I had to modify my chaturunga by lowering my knees. After a couple more of vinyasa flows, I was still feeling the same pain. Fortunately the rest of the class did not require any pressure on my right wrist.

On Monday I planned to attend a vinyasa or power yoga class but in the last minute I went home early and gorged on carbs. Tuesday I joined a power yoga class with only few vinyasas. I felt pain on my wrist and modified my chaturunga. The pain was bearable but hampered my practice. Wednesday was a rest day. Last night I joined the same power yoga class with the same teacher. Again not a lot of vinyasas but the pain this time was a whole lot more. I had to clench, unclench, rotate my wrist during the entire practice, even in savasana. I did not have problem with my downward dog or modified chaturunga but during upward dog and pushing back to downward dog it became excruciating. I went home completely unnerved.

As I write this down on the computer, I feel some discomfort on my wrist. Is this a result of carpal tunnel which I suffered several years before? Should I start using a mouse again? Or is this the pain that I have observed when doing the reverse namaste? So what do I do now?

I think the first thing is to buy a wrist guard from a sporting store. Also, I have started to read a couple of articles, one tip includes extra padding or mat on the wrists. Tomorrow is supposed to be my Saturday routine but I don’t think it is advisable to do ashtanga at the moment. Should I do hot yoga instead and hope that the heat helps? Let us see what tomorrow brings.


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