March 13, 2015

Spending Impulses and Habits

Filed under: Minimalism / Simplicity, Yoga — rvchua @ 7:13 am

LU9855S_7001_2I just wanted to carry home the grey Lululemon towel mat the moment I saw it at YogaHub. It was half the size of my current mat but 3x heavier. Also it was a hefty P5.8K but I managed to put it back on the shelf. Later on an important question popped in my head. How the heck do you clean a mat like that? Also because it is pale grey, it would have a tendency to get stains. I looked up online and while reading the instructions (it can be machine washed) I noticed a lot of negative comments on the towel mat. Thank goodness that I don’t part easily with my money. So I am going back to my plan of sticking with my current yoga mat until I see actual holes on it.

A few months back, I told myself that when I regularly go to YogaHub I would be buying new pants and shirt. However I changed my mind after my KL trip. I want to go back being a minimalist. I want to have a streamlined closet. I don’t want to waste money on new things when what I have is still perfectly usable. I don’t want to have too many multiples of one thing. So I am determined to stick to what I have until I see holes on my pants or shirt or if my sports bra no longer offers the support that I need.

This resolve is also extending to other parts of my life. I need to replace my tote bag because the lining has completely detached but I will not buy anything unless I found the right replacement. There will be no new shampoos and deodorants until I finish the ones I have even if I don’t like them that much. No new shoes though I am hankering for a pair of comfortable slipons and I still don’t know what to do with my cramped Sperry topsiders.

I have been analyzing my major expenses for the past 3 months. Most of it is going to eating out and coffee. The coffee was because I needed a place to hangout to read my book and wait for my next yoga class. So tomorrow I will look for that place. As for the eating out, I usually stick to cheap choices if I am alone but it is difficult when I am with friends. I think all the junk food I have been eating is costing me too but I am still stumped with how to get rid of that bad habit.

So why do I do this? A major reason is so I can easily book a flight without having to wait for a promo. I have my eye currently on Saigon, Bali or Nepal. Unfortunately no one is interested to go with me. My KL trip has woken my thirst for travel again.


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