March 16, 2015

A Budget Experiment

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To curb my junk food eating, I tried a food diary but only lasted for 1 week. I actually did it twice but I couldn’t commit. I tried limiting junk food to 3x a week but that completely derailed in a matter of days. This time instead of focusing on the junk food, I am focusing on the spending. I am hoping that by curbing on my expenses, I will have lesser money to buy any junk food.

So for the next 4 weeks, my budget is P500 from Mondays to Fridays and P500 for Saturdays & Sundays. So this means I will have only P100 per workday and P250 during the weekend. My budget will cover food, transportation and other small expenses. However it will not include rent, laundry, massage, donations, expensive toiletries and emergencies. This means that I will have to say no to paid yoga classes, so I will have to stick to YogaHub until October. I have no plans to buy any new shirts, pants or shoes so I am good in that area.

I tried the budget for the first time this Saturday when I was out the whole day for yoga and was hanging out at Ayala while waiting for my next class. My total for the day was P240.50 (not including rent and massage) wherein P85 was for an americano at J. Co. I could have said no to the choco drink after my Ashtanga class and I probably will not have a coffee every Saturday. I did better on Sunday where my expenses was only P140 but I will no longer get the 7 Eleven four seasons juice (too sweet) and the empanada at J. Centre mall food market (too oily and I did not like the crust).

Today is the first working day using this budget so this will be the real test! I plan to buy oatmeal so I can have that for breakfast and I will use up my stock of canned tuna. I will try to analyze each days expenses to see what I could improve or what I could have done without.


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