April 14, 2015

Game of Thrones Season Five

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By this time, everyone knows that the first four episodes of Game of Thrones Season 5 have been leaked in several torrent-sharing sites. I did a mini-marathon last night of the four episodes. Instead of having a fake Sansa Stark in Winterfell, the real Sansa Stark is betrothed to Ramsay Bolton. Does this mean that the retaking of Winterfell will happen this season while it has not happened in the books? Also with Jaime Lannister now in Dorne, we expect to have a lot of action happening there. A lot of characters fates have been changed like Brienne of Tarth going to Winterfell and Tyrion Lannister path crosses with Jorah Mormont’s in a different way. Was that the end of Mance Rayder? Are Grey Worm and Barristan Selmy dead?

This season there will be more changes from the books. So there will be no new pivotal characters? Six more episodes left!



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