April 14, 2015


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Last Saturday on my way to J. Centre from Ashtanga class, I got inside a very full jeepney. The man beside me had a large backpack that overlapped my bag which was on my lap. I felt the bag move a couple of times but I just glared at him and once saw that both of his hands were at his sides. It was only in my second jeepney ride that I realized that he had taken my coin purse which was in my bag’s outermost pocket. The zipper was closed so I did not notice the problem until I was near Tamiya. The bad news was that he not only took my coin purse (which had around P400) but also took my keys attached to it. I was so worried that I can’t open my room but fortunately the landlady’s daughter managed to give me spare keys for my room and for the gate. The good news of the entire incident is that I did not lose my debit/credit cards, IDs, iPad mini and the rest of my money. This is the second time I lost my coin purse in the past six months. I don’t know if that time it was because I was careless or the person beside me in the jeepney took it.

So this time, I will be careful and will be doing the following things:

  • Keep only coins and small bills (P20) in my coin purse.
  • Keep large amount of money in the inside pocket of my bag though I will avoid as much carrying more than P500.
  • Attach my keys to my bag instead of my coin purse.
  • Keep duplicate keys in the office.
  • Avoid bringing my iPad mini if possible.
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary things.

 I hope that with these small changes I will not have a repeat incident.


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