May 6, 2015

Yoga with Gadi Bernstein at YogaHub Philippines

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Last Sunday, I attended a Master Class with Gadi Bernstein at YogaHub. While everyone else was obsessing and moaning over the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight of the Century (not!), a handful of us stuck out for a 2 hour class on how to work with our body despite limitations such as lower back pain. I thought it was going to be a relaxing class but instead I found myself struggling with a dynamic sequence of poses that tested my level of awareness with my body. Lower your tail bone, curve your back, extend your chest not your chin, push against my feet, etc. All of these were constantly repeated (in a very loud voice) to everyone in the class including the seasoned teachers who joined. I am usually worried with classes such as these, are my chaturanga and down dog correct? Will I learn anything from the class without feeling inadequate? I can’t help but admit that I do feel like I need to put myself out there despite my instinct to hide in a corner. No matter the discomfort I feel before each class, surviving the class is a triumph by itself. I end up grateful that my body can move and that for a few moments I am able to have glimpse of what can lie ahead.

Gadi is intelligent, witty and gregarious. He impressively remembers every person’s name after just one introduction. He is an unconventional yogi who tends to be the life of the party, drowns margaritas like there is no tomorrow.

Will I remember the lessons from the two classes I had with him? Probably not. If there is one thing that I will remember Gadi Bernstein, it will be Flight Facilities’ Clair de Lune which was part of his soundtrack in last night’s class.



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