May 26, 2015

Devil Worshipper

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Last Thursday, I sat on a half-occupied table at Jafar’s for my chicken shawarma wrap. It was almost 8pm and I had just come from another sweaty yoga class and dropped my yoga mat on the chair. There was a couple on the opposite side of the small table. Other members of the yoga class that I joined passed by. The girl asked if there was yoga in BTC and the guy replied yes and immediately segued that he heard that yoga was worshipping the devil. My eyes immediately went wide! I lost track of what they were saying because I was caught up with the insult of being called a devil worshipper by a person a couple of feet away from me. Did he not see my yoga mat? Did he know that he was insulting me? I don’t remember if the guy read it or heard it but he said he did so with an open mind. I wanted to blurt out that yoga is not a religion but I am not good in explaining things in a confident, calm manner. My impulse was to say something angry and incomprehensible. The girl tried to argue for the other side saying yoga is a form of meditation. They started an argument about it and the guy had the upper hand. 

This is not the first time for me to hear about yoga and the devil but it was the first time someone said it in front of me and not even in a questioning manner. I have read some books that have explained on this. However I cannot paraphrase it intelligently. Besides I am not an advocate of yoga and I am done trying to convince someone to do yoga. My practice is my own.

I did not enjoy my shawarma, I was seething in anger while eating it. I gathered my trash and threw it into the bin, including the anger, frustration and turmoil of the past 15 minutes.


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