June 9, 2015

Doing Online Work In A Cafe

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There are two types of people in cafes. There are those who socialize and chill out with their friends, use the free wifi (if available) to check Facebook and Instagram. I used to do that while reading a book on my iPad and the last time I did was to escape the heat and brownout at home. Then I realized that all those coffees have started to accumulate. Why am I shelling out P100+ every weekend? If I wanted coffee, I could always buy a cheap decent black one at Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds. Or if the reason is to have a place to sit and read, I can always look for an ignored bench in unlikely places.

The second type in cafes are the ones that are seriously studying (usually medicine or law) or hunched over their laptops. I have been intrigued with those working on their laptops who obviously are not obsessively checking status updates in Facebook. Some were probably doing work on their business and only recently has it dawned on me that some of them have online jobs.

Right now I am in the middle of qualifications for an online job. I needed to finish an online test before Monday. During the weekend, I was slowly slogging on the questions with the spotty wifi at home. Then it suddenly went out so I hauled my laptop, ipad, handouts, etc. and went to Bo’s Coffee on Sunday afternoon. The place was packed but fortunately they had wifi but only one table (occupied) to plug my adapter. The wifi wasn’t that great and my application kept on fritzing out on me. An hour later I finally managed to move to the table to plug my adapter. My espresso crumble was already a distant memory. I left when it became obvious I wasn’t making headway with what I was doing. It is not cool to do online work in a café. Wifi is not reliable, limited power sockets, noisy, too many distractions, expensive and can be unhealthy (all those whipped cream topped drinks).


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