June 26, 2015

A Week in Turmoil or The Time I Became Bat Girl

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The weekend before was a conflicted one and as the days passed it became worse.

First, I got bit or scratched by a bat while taking down my towel from the laundry line. I don’t know what really happened but I felt some pain on my right thumb but there was no break on the skin nor blood. I ignored it but then the next day while I was hand washing some laundry, my right thumb started to hurt, the same area where I made contact with the bat. The next day it became swollen and I applied some topical ointment. The next day my thumb was still swollen and the precise location of where the bat touched me was throbbing. I panicked and could only think of the rabies. The company doctor admonished me and told me to get to the local animal bite center. Before I left the office, I had an anti-tetanus shot.

I thought it would be a breeze at the center but then there was a long line, people get bit by dogs or cats everyday! It was almost more than an hour before I was called, I was considered a Type II case. The first and fourth shots need to bought from a pharmacy in Mandaue, the second and third are free at the center. I was lucky that the person I had to share the first dose (good for 2 people) had a Toyota Fortuner so there was no need to worry about traffic. The shots were painless but I need to go back twice next week and then on the third week of July.

Am I safe? I don’t know. Although you can go as much as 6 days after contact to get your anti-rabies shots. There is still a possibility that I would develop rabies. If there is no post from me after July 6 then I am likely to be dead. The only thought I had yesterday was “Crap! I haven’t been able to enjoy the money I saved!!” So that is the food for thought this weekend. My mind is on turmoil while my body is bursting with anti-tetanus, anti-rabies and antibodies.

Also, my landlord told me this morning that they will increase the rent by P500. I have lived there for 7 years without any increase so it is about time. However, that is not the kind of news I want to hear early in the morning. P500 is not a big deal with my current salary but if I am really serious with my plans, I need to lower my other costs especially with food. Ever since I contracted Hepatitis when I was in high school, eating at carenderias is not a normal thing to do unless there is absolutely no option. I usually eat at fastfood joints or buy food from the grocery, both of which can get expensive in the long run. This week I ate at two different carenderias, fortunately no instances of unexpected trips to the toilet.

It is only Friday morning, what else is life throwing in my face?


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