July 1, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (June 2015)

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Although I have been jotting down all of my expenses (in Excel) since 2004, I don’t analyze monthly if the larger expenses are justified or not. So starting June 2015, I will review all the big expenses. I know that the smaller every day expenses especially food can be a major contributor. I don’t have a breakdown of all the food I buy (especially at the office) but a good portion goes to processed and junk food. I would like to limit that and I even made a plan before but it never worked, I was back to eating junk food in a few days.

Anyway, the point now is to analyze the big expenses (more than P100) for the month. I am not including rent and laundry since these are recurring expenses. The highlights are:

  • Iced coffee at Bo’s so I could use their wifi to complete an online qualification (which I got failing results and so did not get the job).
  • Dinner at The Coffee Bean after being caught in traffic and running out of time to reach my yoga class.
  • I treated my brother and his family to lunch at Oriental Spice Gourmet.
  • I bought a plastic hook to put up tote bags which function as storage space.
  • Ticket for Siddhartha The Musical at SM Cinema One.
  • I treated Jeanne to lunch at Krua Thai after Ashtanga class.
  • Taxi from Lapu Lapu to Cebu because it was night time and raining.

All expenses look reasonable since it allowed me to spend time with friends and family. I could have make do without the dinner at The Coffee Bean but that was a miserable night and the food was delicious.

I would like to lessen my expenses but not to a point that would make me miserable. I want to enjoy my life but not waste money on worthless things. Let us see what happens next month.


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