July 13, 2015

One-on-One Yoga Sessions

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Despite having a set schedule every day at YogaHub, inevitably there will be a time that you find yourself the only student in class. This is not something that I look forward to although I know it would be advantageous for me.

The first time it happened was during a 9:15am Sunday Vinyasa class with Blanne. I don’t know why I was the only one at that time. When I realized I was the only student, my mind was screaming “Crap!”. I was super conscious in the first 5 minutes. Was I doing my chaturanga correctly? Are my hips aligned when I do a three-legged dog? Fortunately Blanne being a superb teacher focused on alignment and refining my practice. I was able to relax and forget my ego and focus on the practice. Highlights included doing the half-firefly and half-crow pose, I can’t fully extend my leg in front though. In the cooling down part, we did the fire log pose which tested how open my hips are. Just sitting up was already uncomfortable, bending forward made me feel the stretch in my outer thighs and hips. After the 1-hour class, I felt like I did a better practice than being just one of the students in the ordinary class. This made me lose my trepidations of one-on-one sessions, provided that the teacher is already familiar with my practice.

The second time was last Friday for a Deep Stretch class with Jason. I purposefully joined that class because of the stress that I was feeling that week and I was tired of answering questions from visiting customers. I wasn’t uncomfortable during the class, I was able to fully listen to my body, immerse in the silence and let go of unnecessary thoughts. The class was just what I needed to end that particular workweek.


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