July 28, 2015

My New Yoga Home

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Starting August 1, my new yoga home will be Yoga Tree Studio Mactan. I can only join for free the classes with Reds, Glenna and Marie. Judging by last week’s schedule, I can probably practice almost every day. Hoping the three teachers are not on vacation, sick or change their schedules. I wonder what happens if someone suddenly subs for them or if there is no other student? Do I still have a free class? Anyway, I did not do anything to get these free classes nor to deserve it. I was just gifted by a friend who did the behind-the-scenes work, for this I would be eternally grateful. I don’t know how to repay him.

The biggest advantage for me being in Yoga Tree is that I can leave the office before 5PM and then arrive leisurely before the 5:45PM class. Then I can be home by 7:30PM. Also I can leave behind my yoga mat at the studio, so no need to lug it around all the time. I plan to bring it home during the weekend so I can clean and disinfect it. There are not a lot of students so there is no jockeying for spots, I always prefer to be near the wall so I can have my bag beside me.

Last year I wasn’t pleased with the toilet which is shared with the rest of Marina Mall. It seems that they have improved it but I haven’t tried it, I usually use the facilities in nearby restaurants or hold it until I arrive home. I am also not in love with the studio’s changing room which doubles as a supply closet, a stool would be more helpful there. I also find the studio gloomy with its lack of natural light and dark flooring. I wonder how many times they sweep the floors? Sorry but I am itchy after every class. I really don’t want to complain that is why I change at the office and I am planning to bring a microfiber cloth in my next class.

I have been reviewing the schedules for the past couple of weeks. It looks Glenna has the most number of classes and she usually does Ashtanga. It looks like I am going to be an Ashtangi though that is not a bad thing. Last night Glenna subbed for another teacher, the class was super slow but the beginning poses did wonders to my spine. During savasana, she had us do child’s pose while massaging the lower and upper back. It was a good way to start the work week.

I hope that this setup continues for one whole year!


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