August 3, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (July 2015)

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I was almost P3K higher in my expenses in July compared to the previous month. I want to despair but almost all of my major expenses have justifications. The highlights are:

  • A couple of staycations in Cebu which involved taxis, eating out (including lunch at Café Georg) and accommodations.
  • I tried almond milk and liked it but I won’t be buying again especially with the new controversy that almond milk is only made up of 2% almonds.
  • I tried paella negra at the newly opened Spanish restaurant Hala Paella at BTC.
  • I lost my free classes at YogaHub so I had to buy a 5+1 class card at Yoga Tree.
  • I took a habal2x for my last anti-rabies vaccine shot. The jeepney and taxi options were scrapped, there was a long queue at the jeepney terminal and the traffic was almost to a standstill. I had to go to Mandaue to buy the vaccine and directly go to the animal bite center while the ice was still solid.
  • I went to Abaca again for another early breakfast of brewed coffee and blueberry scone. It is becoming my favorite place but it tends to get crowded easily, not a good choice to relax and read a book.
  • I had to buy a dress and pair of shoes for my cousin’s wedding. I hate shopping and I think I made my choices when I was too tired. The dress is a blue printed wrap dress, not exactly the versatile dress I was hoping for. The shoes has some detail, it is not made for long walks on uneven surfaces or in the mud. I can easily use the shoes in the office and the dress will be my go-to for every occasion.

I am still stumped with what to do to curb my buying of junk and processed food.


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