August 17, 2015

Shaking Things Up

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No 9 updatedI was bored last week and tried to shake things up.

First, I went back to Studio 108 which I haven’t been visited for six months. I attended back-to-back Vinyasa class (with Jeanne) and Ashtanga class (with Arlien). The first class hardly even started but I was already covered in sweat. The heat was uncomfortable and made simple poses very difficult. It was worse than a hot yoga class and I was gulping water afterwards. Fortunately during Ashtanga class, they opened the door so there was a sort of breeze from the fan in the reception area. I could have done more but the heat made me languid and I was struggling. Arlien helped me with parivritta trikonasana which is always a difficult pose for me. Also Arlien admonished me from using the wall during headstand so I had to do it in the middle of my mat. Surprisingly I managed to get up by myself without the wall or someone to spot me! I also did not fell down though I did not stay up long. I know my headstand was hardly straight but I got up by myself!

After the class, Jeanne and I had a very late Spanish dinner at No. 9. We had bocadillo de calamares, butifarra con judias (sausages with white beans and green sauce) and beer! The food was flavorful and delicious. I have never been to Spain so I don’t know how authentic it is but I guess this would be something that is commonly served in a tapas bar. I also liked the modern yet homey ambience of the renovated house turned restaurant. No. 9 is in Zapatera which has suddenly blossomed into an area with condominiums and a possible mall strip.

I stayed overnight at Jeanne’s place though I barely had a wink of sleep. It went downhill after that. I couldn’t sleep so I watched the pilot episode of Lucifer and the first couple of episodes of The Strain (the television series based on Guillermo del Toro’s novel). I am very interested to watch the remaining episodes of the first season of The Strain.

I got into a fight with somebody which disrupted the rest of the weekend. I know that I am right and I wish that there could have been a resolution because otherwise I will have to forget about a lot of things that happened in the past couple of years. All I wanted was the truth and that person could not give it to me.

Fortunately I managed to start reading a new book and was able to distract myself. I ended up eating a ton of junk food so that wasn’t good too. I need to have something new in my life, something that would give meaning.

So this is what happens when you shake things up.


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