August 24, 2015

The Search Continues

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Last Thursday I was sneezing the whole day which developed to a head cold so I cancelled my after work yoga plans. The next day my body was aching so no early morning yoga and there was no afternoon class at Yoga Tree because of the anatomy workshop. I fell asleep in the afternoon and woke up too late to either go to Studio 108 or Surya Nanda. The next day I went to Yoga Tree for the 8:30AM Vinyasa class but the teacher did not show up (I later learned that she was late). So in the afternoon I went to Surya Nanda for a 5:15PM Intense Vinyasa class. On Sunday I joined the karma yoga at Yoga Tree. The room was unexpectedly hot. Whatever ease I felt doing chaturangas in Saturday was gone. The room was extremely hot and then I later got colds and body aches. The plans I had for an afternoon class at Surya Nanda was scrapped.

So what is all of this? Whatever free classes I have in Yoga Tree is not enough. I even purchased a new 3+1 class card but the schedules after work is not varied enough. Also just being in Lapu Lapu has proved boring. I need to go out during the weekends. So that means on Saturday I either join the 7AM Energizing Morning Yoga (only P50!) or a late afternoon class at Surya Nanda. And on Sundays it can either be a karma class at Yoga Tree or a late afternoon class at Surya Nanda.

Yes, I need variety in my life especially with my current state. It is not good to be cooped up at home. I need to get back to the mindset of shelling out money for my yoga practice. I have gotten used to having free classes, I need to let go of that and be flexible. I know I am stuck in my practice and in my life. It is time to move on.


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