August 29, 2015

P50 Yoga Class

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This morning I woke up super early to attend the Energizing Morning Yoga with Corinne at Surya Nanda Yoga. I thought there would be no class because it was already 10 minutes before it was supposed to start but the studio was still closed. At almost 7AM, the teacher arrived. There were 5 of us in the class.

I thought that being only P50 there would be a lot of people but I was mistaken. In last week’s karma class at Yoga Tree, there were only 10+ people. So where are people who complain that yoga is expensive? You can either visit a free class, a cheap class or a donation-based class. Most of the yoga class in Cebu are cheaper than going to a movie or a Starbucks frappucino!

As for this morning’s class, the teacher is one of those who does almost all of the poses. I think this fine if students are regular practitioners but I noticed that some of them could benefit with a little adjustment. The teacher came near me when I was doing wheel, she asked if I could move my head nearer to my heels. I said no because I had back problems. Now I wonder if I should try to push myself with my back bends. I know some of my hesitation is because of fear and the feeling of claustrophobia. I think what is missing in my practice is for someone to push me. I am now in a yogic doldrums.

I actually like going to Surya Nanda because I can see trees right outside and there is air coming in from the large windows. Also this gives me a reason to get out of Lapu Lapu during the weekends. I hope they keep their P50 class in their weekend schedules.


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