August 31, 2015

Books I Have Read (Aug 2015)

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1. The Broken Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin – This was in my TBR like forever and I am so glad I finally read this. This second book happens 10 years after the events of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. I had a couple of problems with the first book. First I did not like the female protagonist and there was that confusing going back and forth. However I was impressed with the world building. The second book was fortunately more linear and I lost interest in the female protagonist who started off interestingly as a blind girl who can see magic. However I was interested where the story was leading to and it made me want to look for the third book The Kingdom of Gods.

2. Wild Seed by Octavia Butler – I have been wanting to read Octavia Butler and after reading The Broken Kingdom I was looking for diversity in scifi and fantasy, meaning books written by people of color. I would have rated this book a little higher because it was innovative, two immortals who are involved in selective breeding program that has spanned for thousands of years. However Doro’s perfunctory killing of people was unnerving, there were also some aspects of Anyanwu that made my skin crawl.

3. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel – The hype on this book is the reason why I felt deflated after finishing it. This is a post-apocalyptic story with a twist wherein culture still manages to survive and that you don’t need to be physically strong to stay alive. I guess I was expecting something like the stressful and depressing Oryx and Crake. Maybe it is time to read The Road?

4. Nailbiter Vol 1: There Will Be Blood – The graphic novels that I have read after Saga have been underwhelming. This series about a town that has spawned sixteen serial killers looks gory and promising. I will consider looking for Volume 2.

5. Abhorsen by Garth Nix – I thought I would have a hard time getting into the third book since it has been a while since I read the last one. Fortunately I still remember a bit of what happened in the previous book. I love the unique world and Sabriel is my favorite. I wished there were more stories with her and Touchstone.

6. Blood Bound by Patricia Brigss – I said I wasn’t going to continue with the Mercy Thompson series but I needed a quick read to distract myself. This was what I needed at that time and will resume the series if I need to jumpstart my reading.

7. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – One of the hyped books that I kept on hearing about. This was in my TBR for quite some time and I even had several false starts with it. It was an okay quick read.

8. The Fall Empire (Mistborn#1) by Brandon Sanderson – I was almost a hundred pages into John Gwynne’s Malice when I started reading this. I finished this in a couple of days. I would have liked this more except for the parts that felt like a regency romance. Also, I don’t like Vin that much and based on the goodreads review I am not the only one. I am not sure I am willing to read the rest of the series since I saw some lukewarm reviews.

9. Rat Queens Vol 1: Sass & Sorcery and Issues#6 to #9 by Kurtis J. Wiebe – This remained in my dropbox for several months because I always had trouble downloading it to my iPad. Aaargghhh! This is awesome! It is sassy, sarcastic and unapologetic, sometimes I wish I were a rat queen! I couldn’t find Vol 2 so I had to make do reading Issues 6 to 9.

10. The Strain Vol 1 by David Lapham – This is the comics version of the book not the television series. It seems that the show expanded more on the original story. I want to watch season 2 so I can learn more about the Ancients.


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