August 31, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (Aug 2015)

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My expenses were still high this month although I did not buy anything new.

  • I shelled out P250 for a much needed massage.
  • Yoga classes (Studio 108 & Surya Nanda) including class cards (Yoga Tree) came up to P1,740. I will try to have lower expenses in this area next month because I haven’t used up the class cards.
  • I also dined out with Clarice (mostly Nonki) and Jeanne (No 9 & Café Georg). I also had an expensive breakfast at Army Navy. All this summed up to P2K and it did not include my normal meals.
  • I treated some of my engineers to ice cream.
  • I was going to buy Zen Nutrients gugo shampoo using my gift certificate but the actual credits were smaller than the one indicated. I had to shell out more money than I thought. I hope this bottle will last me until my new gift certificates are available in December.

This was a stressful month and as expected I devoured too much including cookies (Ovaltine cookies!), milk tea, halo halo, etc. Need to have better control in September!


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