September 7, 2015

To Do or Not to Do: Teacher’s Training

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Last year Jeanne told me that I should join a yoga teacher’s training since I was practicing long enough. She taught me how to conduct a class which has become the basis on how I teach. I have done a few classes in the office and even subbed for Jeanne at Studio 108 though the last class I did was still in February. Last week, Jeanne and I talked about the future and I said that I was ready to stop working though I had no idea what to do next. She suggested that I join Burnz’ teacher training this coming January. Instead of having the sessions during the weekend, it would be a 4-week intensive. I don’t know how much it is but probably would cost same as the ones by Pascale.

However the most important question is, can I be a good teacher? As a yogi, I am slightly beyond a beginner but there are a lot of poses that I cannot do. Is that the main criteria of becoming a yoga teacher? I am not flexible, my strength is limited and I don’t have an overall awareness of my body. Admittedly by becoming a certified yoga teacher this will open possibilities for me though yoga teachers are now a dime a dozen in Cebu and a lot of them are quite good and I will never reach their level no matter what I do. So do I do join the training? If I do, that means finally quitting my job and become a yogic bum.

Through the years, I have come across a lot of teachers. Sometimes being certified does not mean you are a good teacher. There are teachers who prefer to demonstrate all the poses. It becomes annoying when the teacher is bending over and I cannot hear her voice. Same thing also when everyone is lying down and she gives confusing instructions that you need to lift your head to look what she is doing. I recently came across a teacher who told us to straighten our front leg in warrior I and then lean forward into warrior III. Shouldn’t that be from warrior I transfer the weight on the front leg, lean forward and then lift the back leg to warrior III? Another thing that annoys me is music that does not do anything. Slow music during a sluggish morning? I would prefer no music and a louder instructing voice.

Frankly I am afraid to join a teacher’s training because I don’t know if I can do all what is needed. But then maybe it will answer the question if my life is meant for yoga or not?


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