September 10, 2015

Ashtanga Morning at Asana Yoga+Movement

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Since Sep 9 was a holiday, the default schedule was to do yoga in Cebu. This time around I joined Jeanne’s Ashtanga class at the Asana Yoga+Movement at Waterfront Hotel Lahug. Jeanne invited some of Studio 108 regulars so for most people it was their first time (like me) to visit the newly opened studio. I also met the kind and pretty owner Rica Gomez who also joined the class.

The drop-in rate is P200 and you can use for free their Manduka mats. The place is pretty small, it would probably fit around 12 people but for a bigger class it can be moved to the gazebo or to an area at Citigym. I managed to position myself at the end of the room near the glass walls so that I had the best view of the gardens. The glass doors were also open so I could feel a breeze coming in once in a while which helped avoid in making my body overheat. I just listened to Jeanne’s instruction and my gaze was mainly focused on the gardens beyond (shouldn’t it be my drishti?).

I thought I was going to have a hard time during the class but surprisingly it was one of the best classes that I have attended in a while. I only had 2 hours sleep the night before and my period came back early in the morning so I thought I wouldn’t have any energy for the one and a half hour class. I was also less aware on how the other people looked when doing the asanas, maybe because I was too engrossed in the greenery. Or was it the minty fragrance that I kept on inhaling in my part of the room? Or was it because I was desperately looking for something different from my somewhat limited practice at Yoga Tree? Or was that my body needed a longer Ashtanga practice? Or was I immersed in the stillness I can see outside the garden? I can’t pinpoint the reason(s) and I probably won’t be able to recreate it soon.

I probably will never go to a yoga retreat at an exotic locale but a class at Asana Yoga+Movement is the next best thing. You don’t need to endure a long uncomfortable plane/boat/car ride or pay exorbitant fees. For more than an hour I can imagine myself I am somewhere else, doing something that at most times I enjoy and love.

Next plan is to join Rica’s Saturday evening Candlelit Fusion Detox flow which is a combination of vinyasa and restorative. Or I can go mad, take a day off and join Jeanne’s class again!



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