October 1, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (September 2015)

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I had lesser expenses this month and did not have any credit card expenses.

  • Dinners and lunches by myself or with friends was more than P1K.
  • A couple of boxes of Goldilocks brownies for the get together at Jeanne’s place.
  • Ashtanga class at Asana Yoga+Movement.
  • Replaced the battery of my watch and bought a bottle of coconut oil.

I am expecting to buy a new pair of shoes in October. Because of the rains in September, I had to wade in flooded waters almost every day. My Sperrys now are disintegrating at the sides. I can still use it though and I need to be careful because I almost slipped, the soles are almost worn out and have lost traction. Also I kind of ruined my Skechers during the coastal cleanup wherein we sank in the mud amongst the mangroves. I will need to buy shoes soon but I need to remember no more expensive shoes, no more Sperrys. No matter how expensive a shoe is, it only lasts more than a year because of the amount of walking I do every day.

Also, I need to go have my teeth cleaned. It has already been 2 months since they sent me a reminder.

I am still stress eating with cookies (Ovaltine cookies have become a mainstay) and chips. I am at loss on how to control and my tummy is getting bigger and yoga is not enough.


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