October 27, 2015

Gimme A Break, Yoga Ripples and Let Shit Go

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Gimme A Break

I have only 7 work weeks left before Christmas vacation. This year I will go home to Iligan because last year was a disaster. I was inundated by head splitting noise from the neighbors during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I didn’t get any sleep and was cranky the next day. This year I want to be far away from the neighbors and with solid concrete walls separating me from the outside world. If somehow I can’t get a boat ticket home, I intend to hole up in a hotel during those critical times.

During the break, I will be doing a readathon of sorts. My goal is to read the Tawny Man trilogy in 2 weeks time. So I need to finish Assassin’s Quest before that. Also, it would be nice to squeeze in something fluffy or that has less than 200 pages.

Also, I am looking forward to eat overnight oats and tuna pasta/casserole. It also means that I will be overeating so I need to squeeze in some core exercises every day. I long for 2 weeks where I don’t have to think about work or mull over what to eat next.

Yoga Ripples

Last Sunday Marie announced that Yoga Tree will be transferring to Cebu Yacht Club either in December or January. However, it won’t be opening as Yoga Tree but as a branch of Yoga Now. For me this means the end of free classes. It is time to shell out real money for yoga. With the studio transfer, there will be a nicer view and a peaceful atmosphere. It will help if I don’t practice in an overheated environment. I don’t know how much the rates will be, hoping that it would be the same and that they will still offer class cards. I don’t know if I will take all my classes at Yoga Now but I would like to stick to Marie and Jaya’s classes.

My plans are not yet set, I still have to see the place, I still have to see the schedule. But definitely adjustments must be made soon.

Let Shit Go

Why do I endure wearing a pair of shoes that pinch my feet and has slippery worn out soles? With a hole that is slowly getting bigger, it needs to be tossed into the bin. Why do I put myself in situations wherein I am obligated to be in the presence people who irritate me and make me boiling angry? Why do I prioritize convenience or what I am accustomed to instead of my real happiness? Am I lazy or just afraid of change? Have I become used to a level of comfort where most of my needs are provided for?

To all of these, I say loudly to myself: Let Shit Go!


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