November 3, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (October 2015)

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I went a bit overboard on some things during October, some of which could have been avoided (mainly alcohol).

  • Joined the second Yogathering Camp (P650) at New Genesis valley where the lunch and dinner were at least 2 hours delayed. I only enjoyed the yoga (Kundalini) and the company of some people. I have no plans to join any future gatherings. I was cranky the whole time and the next day when we finally went back to Cebu I had beer (P300) and coffee (P105) for lunch to recover. I already had another coffee (P105) the day before while waiting to hitch a ride with Jeanne.
  • Shelled out P400 for beer during an overnight at Jeanne’s house to celebrate her birthday and join in a feeding the next day with the teachers and staff from YogaHub.
  • Lunch birthday treat for Jeanne at Café Laguna (P690).
  • My plan was to watch Crimson Peak (Tom Hiddleston’s buns!) at Ayala but never materialized due to weird schedule and truncated dates. To commiserate I had a frozen strawberry margarita and pizza at The Social (P811.52).
  • Birthday cake for Lulu (P357)
  • 3+1 class card (P500) from Yoga Tree

Still no improvements on reducing my intake on processed food. Too many sugars, carbs and preservatives.


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