November 9, 2015

Karma Yoga at Yoga Tree Studio Mactan

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Last Wednesday I found myself agreeing to teach Karma Yoga on Sunday at Yoga Tree Studio Mactan. Though I did not hesitate to say yes, I was uneasy because the last class I taught was in February at Studio 108. I haven’t taught yoga for 9 months! It was the same length of time as when I had my last dental cleaning and checkup!

It only took me less than an hour to make the sequence, nothing fancy just a lot of vinyasas. The big obstacle for me was learning again to give instructions in a clear, convincing manner. I had to work on my script and not forget which is left and which is right or forgetting the name of a body part. I said out loud my instructions while I was walking home (some people were looking at me) and repeated phrases that made my tongue roll over.

I only had four students in the Karma class, all of them at different levels. Despite the other apprehensions I had the days before, like being worried if the dentist will discover new cavities during my checkup and having PMS and bloating, I enjoyed the class. I felt accomplished teaching again.

I still have a lot of things to improve like making an intelligent sequence that will target a specific area or how to prepare the body for the peak pose. I would also like to know how to make adjustments. I am tempted to join the teacher’s training this January but how to take time off from work?

If they ask me to teach again, I will be interested. They offered to pay me for yesterday’s karma class but I don’t know how much they would give me. I am willing to teach free if I can attend classes free!


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