November 26, 2015

It Is The Time of Year

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It is the time of year when opportunities to donate your old unwanted things suddenly pop out. I had already planned to get rid of last year’s golf shirt uniforms. However after reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I have resolved to let go of more things. Kondo tells us to ask ourselves if each item sparks joy. If I look at my work uniforms, none of them makes me happy, a couple of pieces I find uncomfortable and becomes unbearable when I become bloated. Looking at my personal stuff, there are shirts that I have enjoyed before but after several years of constant use now just makes me look dowdy. I have also been holding on shirts that have shrunk and were just hanging in my closet unused. This morning I tried on a pair of black slacks that I have only used a handful of times but when I put it on I could barely close the buttons over my belly. I tried walking around but it was just too tight, I could never see myself wearing this again. If I need a pair of slacks again, I would rather buy a new one that fits.

I lugged almost 4 kilos of stuff to the office. Inside were old shirts, a pair of slacks, handkerchiefs, a sports bra, hand towel, paper plates, plastic forks, a headband, a thin cardigan and a tote bag with a damaged zipper in one of its pockets. It seems that I am the first one who has dropped off any donations. It was also an opportunity to throw into the trash an old watch box (with expired warranty), plastic pouch, a broken comb that I was still using yesterday, broken container for my shades and icky underwear. I will also throw away my Sperrys and holey socks next week and move on to the blue flats I have only used twice. I will also donate a couple of plastic bottles that are still residing in my work desk. I will give my cutlery to my brother and buy ones that are less heavy. I will also bring home to Iligan a couple of malongs that have been accumulating and languishing in my plastic container for years.

By getting rid of all these things, it will finally force me to buy a couple of shirts. I plan to finally go to Uniqlo this weekend. H&M is opening this weekend also. I need a tote bag but my red Nike backpack has been very useful though it needs another thorough washing. There are still a couple of shirts that I can let go but for now I will hold on until I finally buy new ones.

Looking at my tiny closet, it looks more spacious and I want to keep it that way. Maybe it is time to start folding my clothes the KonMari method!


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