January 3, 2016

Re-reads During the Holidays

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I had a grandiose TBR intended for my Christmas break (The Tawny Man series, Saga Vol 5, Scott Lynch, Ali Smith, etc). In the end, I only read two new books and the rest were re-reads. I guess my illness (I was still plagued with a cough and was tired after my flu) was the main reason why I ended up re-reading six Chrestomanci books and a half a dozen Agatha Christies. I found it comforting reading one book a day, some of which I haven’t read in 5 years.

I was in the middle of an Agatha Christie when I had to come back to Cebu and I certainly didn’t want to bring a book that I would finish in a couple of hours. So I downloaded a few Agatha Christies into my iPad mini. I immediately realized that I wasn’t zipping through them. I missed the tactile pleasure of the pages and the memories of the years it took me to collect all of the books (I think I lack only 5). Some of the books I bought new, actually some of them were the first books I bought on my own. However most of my Agatha Christies came from Book Sale, I would immediately pounce on them when I saw a title in their topsy turvy shelves. Sometimes I forgot which novels I already owned because it took me several years to complete them. I ended having 2 copies of two titles, both of which were not my favorites so I couldn’t recall that I already had them. In the later years, I carried a small list in my wallet, a list of books that I still didn’t have a copy. I was at Book Sale today and I never saw an Agatha Christie book, I wonder why. Has it gone out of fashion?

Over the years, I have whittled down my books and I know that I will forever treasure my Agatha Christies, my Diana Wynne Jones, my Josephine Teys, etc. I know that whenever I go back home (for a vacation or for the rest of my life), I will immediately gravitate to them and marvel at the comfort that they have given me through the years.


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