January 11, 2016

Downton Abbey Season 1 to 6

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I haven’t done any reading since the start of the new year because I got enthralled with Downton Abbey. While I was in Iligan, I saw the last couple of episodes of the season 5. When I came back I was able to download season 6, the show’s last season. Previously, I only saw season 2 so I was familiar with the characters. However because the entire show spans almost 15 years, a whole lot must have happened between season 2 and season 6. So I read the episode guide in Wikipedia. After season 6, I watched 6 episodes of season 1 and then 4 episodes of season 3. So I was jumping all around.

Thomas used to be the bad guy but by season 6 I was rooting hard for him. Sybil’s death made me cry. I was surprised to find Violet and Isobel spending a lot of time together. There have been a lot of changes including Edith an owner of a magazine. Some servants have moved on including Molesley as a teacher and Spratt as an agony aunt. I think one of the best things of the show is the friendship between Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore, which has continued to go strong despite the former’s marriage to Mr. Carson. Both of them have become my favorite characters in the show. I also loved when the Dowager Countess gave Robert a new puppy before she left for France.

Tonight I will check if I successfully downloaded season 5. I want to finish that so I can finally start on my reading!



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