February 2, 2016

Going Back to Yoga in 2016

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After two months of no yoga, it was good and disappointing to be back. It took the entire class before I finally was able to lower my heels to the mat during downward dog. I lost any arm strength I had, all chaturangas had to be done with my knees down. I was dumping my weight during planks and I couldn’t get my head around side planks. I regretted not doing any yoga (even during weekends) last month when I finally recovered from my illness. Previously the longest time I took a break from yoga was two weeks and it was torture when I came back so I shouldn’t be surprised this time. I need to do as much yoga as possible this month but taking into consideration to having one day in the week wherein I don’t have to wake up early. Until I get my form back, there will be no headstand or wheel or anything fancy. However I still managed to do crow for a brief second.

Yesterday was the official opening of Yoga Yachtclub Mactan. The place isn’t finished yet but the scenery is precious. You do yoga while looking out at the boats and the Mactan channel. The weather was cloudy which for me is always the best weather in the beach. There is no more claustrophobia though the ceilings are lower. I love the wooden floors which was more organic than the ones at Yoga Tree. There is a toilet and shower though it was tricky to get inside, I wonder how it would work out later. The place is tucked away so that you feel you are far away from the hustle and bustle of MEPZ employees going or leaving work. I bought a 5+1 class card (P800), sadly I have no more free classes.

I am going back to my routine of leaving work early, hurrying home after yoga class, buying bread for dinner, airing out my towels, soaking and laundering my workout clothes, and finally preparing the clothes for next day’s class. Time to load up on detergent and finally buy new shirts for class.

During my two-month break I did not experience any lower back pain. But after a single yoga class yesterday, my back hurts. Can someone explain that? My right knee also hurts.

P.S. Why am I buying the 5+1 card? It should be the 3+1 card! The later costs P125/class while the former is P133/class. My brain must have flown off somewhere.


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