February 4, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (January 2016)

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A new year meant I needed to buy new things to replace the old, broken ones. The highlights are:

  • Transportation (P150) and airport terminal fee (P200) when I came back to Cebu in January 1.
  • January 2 is the best time to go shopping. No crowds, no traffic. Bought a H&M sports bra (P599) which I still haven’t used. Black loafers from Payless (P1,250) which are now my work shoes. Several books (P420) for me and my nieces. A belated Christmas gift (P405) for a godson.
  • Dinner at Zubuchon (P616.34) and milk tea (P100) with a friend.
  • A cake (P375) for Vivien’s 12th birthday.
  • I bought a new iPad mini case (P599) because the last one was falling off its cover. With a new case, I may change my mind of getting a new iPad mini 4. I want to use my current one until I can no longer read anything from it.
  • Other expenses were food related. I went to Bo’s (P165) once for coffee and a blueberry something. I bought a box of Dunkin Donuts munchkins twice! Mostly because I went mad and suddenly craved for it.

Still not eating healthy, need to lessen my food intake.


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